Air Pollution

If You Live Work or Study in This Area Your Health is Under Threat

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The map above shows the limits of Bristol’s Air Quality Management Area, first declared in 2001.  Air pollution inside that area regularly exceeds the legal limits designed to protect human health.  For more information on this visit the Clair City website.  Air pollution, mainly caused by vehicles, kills an estimated 297 people a year in Bristol according to this study.  It also aggravates lung and respiratory diseases.  If you live in that area, how many people do you know who suffer from asthma or recurring chest infections?

After years of warm words and inaction, in 2017 Bristol City Council, along with 28 other urban councils, was forced by legal action to draw up plans for a Clean Air Zone by the end of 2018.  These plans are likely to involve a “charging zone” similar to the T-charge in London.  This will provoke the usual protests about poor motorists; the real scandal revealed in this study is that poorer people – particularly children in poor families – are the biggest victims of air pollution.

The Living Heart for Bristol Says:

  • We need an effective Clean Air Zone, covering all those areas of Bristol where air pollution is threatening people’s health
  • A charging zone is not enough.  This should not be about charging people for the privilege of polluting; we need to reduce the volume of polluting traffic in Bristol.  Through traffic must be removed from the worst affected areas in the city centre.

Can You Help?

Do you live or work in the area shown above? Do your children go to school there? Would you like to measure air quality near your home, school or place of work? Friends of the Earth have produced this monitoring pack.  For a donation of £15 they will send you a monitoring tube and analyse the results.  We want to collect this evidence from our supporters, and hear your stories of how air pollution is affecting you and your families.

The Living Heart for Bristol campaign aims to improve the central areas of Bristol & create new public space by diverting through traffic.
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