The Living Heart for Bristol campaign aims to improve the central areas of Bristol and create new public space by diverting through-traffic.

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What we are proposing for Bristol is actually nothing new.  The process was started over twenty years ago with the opening of Queen Square and College Green.  Several people and organisations claimed at the time that removing through traffic would destroy the city centre.  Who would suggest building a dual carriageway through either of these places today? Read more…

Did you know?

Breathing the air in Bristol City Centre is equivalent to smoking 27 cigarettes a day: Guardian article

Recent Updates


The City Centre’s Growing Population Needs More Space and Less Traffic

Official figures now show that the City Centre is now one of the biggest residential areas in Bristol. The Living Heart for Bristol* is calling on the Mayor, the City Council and the people of Bristol to recognise that fact, and change their approach to planning and transport in the city centre.  Three draft plans […]


380 Space Car Park on Broadmead could Cause Illegal Increases in Air Pollution

Following this earlier objection by the Living Heart and many other people and organisations, the Council deferred a decision on the proposed redevelopment of Broadmead.  A revised application has been submitted including a smaller car park but do not resolve the reasons for our original objection.  We have objected again on the following grounds: The […]

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