The Living Heart for Bristol campaign aims to improve the central areas of Bristol and create new public space by diverting through-traffic.

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What we are proposing for Bristol is actually nothing new.  The process was started over twenty years ago with the opening of Queen Square and College Green.  Several people and organisations claimed at the time that removing through traffic would destroy the city centre.  Who would suggest building a dual carriageway through either of these places today? Read more…


Some cities, like Groningen or our twin city of Bordeaux, have taken the ‘big bang’ approach – making a big improvement in one go.  Others have done it gradually, step-by-step. Our neighbours in Bath have taken the gradual route and the centre of Bath is now a much better place than it was.  Either way can be made to work.  For this reason, we have started with a declaration of principles, rather than a specific plan.


Did you know?

Breathing the air in Bristol City Centre is equivalent to smoking 27 cigarettes a day: Guardian article

Recent Updates


1000 Space New Car Park and 4-Lane Road in Bristol City Centre Would be Madness!

The Living Heart for Bristol** has condemned a planning application which would demolish shops along Horsefair to create a 1000 space car park and a four-lane road. (See the living-heart-objection-to-horsefair-application). The application from the Bristol Alliance Partnership, which owns Cabots Circus and part of Broadmead, would create a four-lane road with new traffic lights to access the […]


Six Mayoral Candidates Back Living Heart Campaign to Remove Through Traffic and Create More Public Space

Six candidates for the mayoral elections, including all those with the highest odds of winning, have endorsed the Living Heart declaration of principles, which aims to improve the environment of central Bristol by removing through traffic, whilst retaining access for all: Tom Baldwin, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Kay Barnard, Liberal Democrat Tony Dyer, Green […]

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